OpenLearn: Systems Thinking and practice

While researching for my Masters choices, I stumbled across a load of free courses provided by the Open University; OpenLearn. As I have been looking into a Masters degree in Systems Thinking in Practice to start later this year, this course pretty much jumped out at me.

What is the course like?

My observation is the course content is quite dry; lots of texts, minimal interaction. There is a lot of webpage reading (though to be fair it is broken up into manageable chunks).

This appears to be a old module – possibly from a replaced Business degree module chapter – however the concepts are clearly explained  and the questions are thought provoking. The course is labelled as a Level 2 (Intermediate) – I would hazard a guess that this is due to the language and concepts involved. For me personally, nothing here was ‘new,’ – but content was explained succinctly and with relevant case studies.

At the end of the course, you get a ‘certificate’ of completion. Its not worth anything per se – but it could be used as evidence of personal development  if you were so inclined.

What was the most useful thing about the course?

What I did find useful was the References page. This list was a mini goldmine of key textbooks – some of which I have now added onto my reading list and may review in due time. Indeed one of them has given me a interesting game idea for the next work Practice meeting that I am hosting.

This is a fairly solid introduction to Systems Thinking concepts.

Where can I find it?

If you are interested in giving the course a go you can find the details and how to enroll here. You will need to set up a Open University profile.



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