#CommuterMusings: On Climate Change

I spend nearly 2 hours every weekday commuting to and from work. I use this time to check my social media, read the headlines / interesting blogs and educate myself about tech I am not familiar with. If I see a interesting topic it starts me thinking…:

Today’s thought was:

Does anyone else feel that the never-ending argument between Climate Change advocates and skeptics has turned into a finger pointing exercise at this stage?

From what I can tell, even the most avid skeptics recognise the world is changing (more extreme weather variations,melting icecaps, drought), and that those changes will have implications. But has being ‘right’ about whether it is man-made or natural become more important  than actually thinking about the end effect?

If we can mostly agree change IS happening, wouldn’t time and effort being spent arguing be better spent looking at practical ways to mitigate the impact (by mitigate I mean things like better flood defences, better housing materials, better irrigation and other such things.) If Climate Change has gone so far that it is already happening – surely we should be planning for it instead of arguing about it. Just a thought.

Note: It may be that there are companies that are doing that very thing – you just don’t hear about that so much in the news.

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